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Manifestation is a process that makes it possible to use the power of your thoughts to manifest your dreams into reality, it definitely is a strong concept, and putting it simply; it is about focusing on something specific until it becomes a physical reality. In ordinary terms, it means that your brain has the power to believe something so strongly that it is bound to come into your life.

Let us look at the “15 Minute Manifestation” Eddie Sergey. Is it possible to manifest money, good health, and success in your life?

What is the product all about?

The 15-Minute Manifestation program claims to rewire your brain to be more receptive and open. With the help of specific audio that you need to listen to every day, the program aims to stimulate and reorganize your brain cells. You will be able to manifest your desires in your actual life.

What the program does is that it clears your limited pre-conditioned mind and awakens its powerful attentive state working with the subconscious.

When you buy ‘The 15 Minute Manifestation’ program, you get access to a member’s area containing the following:

A 12-page Jumpstart Guide (on how and when to use the audio tracks)
3 Main Audio Tracks and 1 Bonus Deep Sleep Track
Manifestation Wizardry eBook
There are also a few upsells like:

15-Minute Money Magic ($67)
15-Minute Health Reboot ($47)
15-Minute Relationship Magic ($47)
The upsells are, of course, optional, and what I liked is that Eddie is not pushy about them.

How Do We Put It To Work?

You need to spend 15 minutes every day for at least 21 consecutive days listening to the audio tracks. You need to listen to the first track for seven days, the second track for the next seven days, and so on.

The audio tracks are made up of Thet a frequencies that ‘speak to the subconscious mind’ and help it to become more open, aware, and confident.


Of course, at the end of 21 days, you will not experience any magical awakening! Keep your expectations at a reasonable level. The program works with concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (which is very much a science) to declutter and soothe your mind. Your mind, minus the stress and negativity, thinks much more confidently and powerfully.

The Bonus: The bonus Deep Sleep track consists of Delta frequencies that work towards calming the brain into a state of rest and peaceful sleep. So, if you’ve been anxious and are having trouble sleeping, this track is a great way to get you the much–needed rest.


  • The basis of the program is rooted in science. The established rules of quantum physics and NLP are applied to manifestation techniques. Eddie explains his research, how his program works, etc. all in detail and in layman’s language.
  • The program is not time-consuming. You just need to spend 15 minutes each day listening to an audio track, and that’s all.
  • Doing the program religiously does not require much effort on your part. There are no brain-challenging exercises or something. Whenever you are free, sit back and listen to a soothing audio track for some time. It really can’t get easier than this! Also, it does not require a specific kind of environment that you need to create for it to work. You can just sit and listen wherever you are.
  • The Deep Sleep Bonus track is quite effective. You can actually get a solid good night’s sleep after listening to it.
  • The program is covered a one-year money-back guarantee. This is a rare one! You can try the program for a month or two and if you don’t find it yielding results for you, just return it for a refund. What is impressive is the timeline of 365 days versus the usual 60-day period that most products offer.


  • This is not an instant solution. You need to be consistent with it for results. Being subjective its very nature, it may take different time periods to develop for people. To notice significant effects, certain people may have to do it for a higher number of days.
  • The audios and the guidebook are available online only. There are no CDs delivered to you.
  • Some people have reported light headaches after listening in. It, of course, goes away soon. This just goes on to show that it may be for everybody. Here the money-back option have you covered.

In short, the program deals with harnessing the power of your mind, so it is very relative in nature. To say it is good or bad is also relative. It can swing either way. It may not work for everybody.

If it works well for you, it can do wonders for you in your life. After all, being able to get rid of negative energies and focusing on getting what you really want is in itself a very satisfying way of life. If the program doesn’t work, well, you can always get your money back!

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