Manifest Using the 17-Second Rule


According to Abraham Hicks, you only need 17 seconds of pure thought to ignite your manifestation.

Yes, only 17 seconds!

How do 17 seconds work?

It all comes down to the law of vibration. All matter is energy.

Therefore, activating a thought keeping it in your mind, raising its vibration emotionally, and having faith that it will come true, you send a link of vibration out there—to the Universe.

Consider holding a thought for 17 seconds like you’re using a laser beam. All the energy and focus are at one single point.

Therefore, the message is so clear that the Universe gets it immediately.

When the message is clear and carries the right vibrations, the Universe will respond immediately.

What’s the Purpose Behind the 17-Second Rule?

The main purpose of this rule is that you allow yourself to think purely for 17 seconds.

Therefore, your desire becomes stronger, and when you maintain a series of 17 seconds, you can do it longer, which will power up your desires even more — making that link to the Universe much stronger.

What makes this an amazing rule to use for the Law of Attraction is that it specifies a specific amount of time you should focus on your desire.

If you can do this once a day, then you can go on about your day and let go of the attachment to the desire. In turn, you will be in perfect alignment.


This is perfect for people who have a difficult time letting go of their desires.

Use the 17-second rule working through it in your head, speaking aloud to yourself or to someone else, or writing it down.

Keep in mind: Never contradict this thought during that specific amount of time.

A Guide to Using the 17-Second Rule

Here’s a simple guide to follow the 17-second rule:

  • Conjure a happy memory or good feeling. Get into a positive headspace and into a higher vibration. Recall a happy memory to bring about a good feeling.
  • Set a timer for 17 seconds.
  • Choose one thing that you really want and manifest it.
  • Make sure to not be distracted for 17 seconds.

Is 17 Seconds Enough?

The answer to this is… yes AND no.

Abraham Hicks said that 17 seconds is known as the combustion point.

That means, after 17 seconds of pure thought, you will attract another thought of similar vibration.

Moreover, they said that it actually takes 68 seconds of pure thought to bring your manifestations into reality.

With that, you need at least FOUR Pure Thoughts of similar vibrations held one after the other to manifest.

Are you ready to give the 17-second rule a shot?

There’s nothing to lose, anyway!

Manifest Now.

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