Money Vibration To Draw More Wealth And Money


To draw more wealth and money, you must increase your money vibration code.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What is that?”

The vitality of money. You can either attract or repel the world based on the frequency you emit into it.

For example,

You’re ecstatic if you get a substantial tax refund. The energy is positive.

You get upset when you get a big tax bill (negative vibes).


Your ideas and feelings about money have an impact on your money vibration code. Your frequency will then either attract or repel wealth and success.

For instance, it is low vibration if someone is continually griping about not having enough money.

What do you think transpires when such a low frequency exists? That individual draws more adversity and scarcity.

Discover your vibrational frequency in this movie and whether it is high or low.

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