This is what happened to a wine glass in 2005 – Crack, crack, crack – when passionate rock vocalist Jaime Vendera broke it with a 105-decibel howl.

It was amazing how a strong human voice could break the glass.

But how is that even conceivable?

The glass can resonate and shatter under the powerful vibrations when a singer sings in harmony with it.

And here’s an amazing fact:

Every substance on earth has a naturally occurring resonance frequency.

As soon as you are in tune with your natural resonance, you let everything your heart desires emerge through you.


When you are in resonance with the flow of the Universe, everything gets simpler.

With the proper pitch and volume of sound, a vocalist can break a wine glass,

God’s frequency can assist you in BREACHING through the barriers of delusion and scarcity that put you in a bad mood.

… and change your state to one of positivity, abundance, and happiness.

This is how the universe naturally unfolds.

Learn how this mystical sound bath can help you live the life you so richly deserve.

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