What Is Spirituality?


Living a spiritual existence is something we design while having physical experiences.

Some people define spirituality as returning to nature and becoming one with all things, while others define it as repeating mantras, sitting in meditation for hours on end, and maintaining a connection to the spiritual world. Whatever religion you follow, spirituality is a lifestyle choice. It is a style of life that consists of rituals and symbols that stand for a way of life that we perceive as spirituality.

It seems that simplicity is a spiritual quality. Although many spiritually attuned individuals opt for simpler lifestyles, this does not necessarily imply that they are more spiritual than those who lead intricate or hectic lives. Being spiritual is a way of life that we create. It is a way of thinking or a course we decide to take. We constantly find ourselves in boxes like this one.

We cannot even choose to be spiritual because it is who we already are. Spirit makes up one-third of who we are. Therefore, trying to be something we are not throughout our lives can only be a choice of lifestyle. We are actually attempting to increase our “spiritual awareness” when we engage in spiritual practice.

We are attempting to establish a connection with spirit and its goal in order to align ourselves with it. Knowing what our destiny is and committing to it gives us more strength and determination to bring it about in this lifetime.

A person must be more spiritual than another to be said to be truly spiritual. That can’t be right. Simply put, it suggests that a person may be more “spiritually aware” or linked to the spirit world. It is a reality that we must all face. Prior to having a physical experience, we are spirit. However, we came here to have a bodily experience, not a spiritual one. Nobody is aware of what spirit is. Being spiritual is not the same as being a spirit.

One is an item, whereas the other is an event. Being a thing cannot be described or experienced until you are that thing.

Many people mistakenly think that spirituality gives us the ability to use our psychic abilities, but it is also untrue. Numerous persons who exhibit psychic talents do not lead spiritual lives. Because they can be perceived sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste, psychic skills are once again physical characteristics. They are extensions of what we already do, and anyone may create and physically experience them. Using our psychic powers does not increase our spirituality beyond what it is currently.

Our ideas about what spirit is and what it does exhibit themselves physically in the practice of spirituality. No amount of spirituality, faith, or religion can elevate us to the spiritual plane. Being there and understanding it to be absolute is the only way to get there. You are experiencing getting there while you are exercising, practicing, or living the lifestyle.

It is conceited and egotistical for a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Mormon, Buddhist, or someone who has attained enlightenment to claim they have discovered the path. You are not there if you are on the path. We as a species take ourselves far too seriously. Being who you already are rather than trying to be someone else is what it means to have a simple spirit.

Simply said, authors, philosophers, and artists express themselves in public. Their open connection with spirit and intellect, which is quite similar to what you do every day in your chosen lifestyle, is where they get their spiritual inspiration. Despite the fact that you might not physically manifest your inspiration as spirituality, it nonetheless originates there. Instead of being influenced religion, mysticism, fear, or anything else, these people’s views are manifested through a spiritual lens.


Every day, we are presented with a variety of options; the one we choose will determine a novel experience that cannot be had in the same way at another time or location. Most of the time, we base these decisions on the lifestyle we have chosen. Lifestyles are like the small boxes we dwell in; they have no purpose. You must select another box and carry on selecting in order to fully advance to the next phase. Life itself is motion, and it is always in motion. The decisions you made in the past are not invalidated the ones you make tomorrow; they are merely markers of your progress. Every decision you make advances your development.

Your outdated ideas of who and what you are are like museum exhibits. As you watch them, you’re struck how far you’ve come. You are able to see your past movements and current direction. You visit a museum to wonder at the past, not to criticize it. Being spiritual is a lifetime choice, not a goal in and of itself. You and others can use who you are right now and how you choose to express it as a guide or landmark. You’re not here to learn anything, though; you’re here to take advantage of everything it has to offer. In spite of your best attempts, you will move on once your belief has developed sufficiently for you to do so. Don’t, however, consider it to be a mistake or a life wasted.

Try to keep in mind that it has brought you to this point and that you are prepared to engage in new experiences.

It would seem that humanity’s spiritual growth has stagnated. Since the beginning of time, not much has changed in terms of human spirituality. That observation is made from a location in time and space that does not have a complete view of the situation. It is a purely physical assessment.

He does not see it because humanity is already spiritual and nothing needs to change. He doesn’t need to discover himself or what he already is. He is a “spiritual being” who is living a physical life; he is merely here to experience everything physical, and this is not a school where he is required to learn anything. He is merely having his own particular experience with his ideas about what it is to be physical.

Spirituality, spirit, and spirit are not interchangeable terms. The physical experience and our perceptions of what they are, however, connect them.

Make an effort to improve your life while you are here. Recognize that you are the only one with the ability to modify your circumstances because you are the one who creates them all. Remove yourself from any boxes that don’t serve you well and continue on. Living in alignment with your spirit and destiny will bring abundance into your life. There will be less hardship and more expectation and joy in life.

Never let anyone convince you that they are right or that their route is the one right way claiming to know the way. Nobody is ever able to know your path, your fate, or your purpose.

It is fitting for you at this moment and place to be wherever or whatever you are right now. You will either alter your situation when you realize it is no longer working for you, or you will stay and continue to whine about it. There is just your method to express yourself; there is no right or incorrect approach. What you believe about yourself, your interactions with others, and your relationship with your surroundings will always be physically manifested in your circumstances.

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