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People frequently seek spiritual direction as a method to gain solace from what is upsetting them during difficult times. Numerous resources, including literature, meditation, and channeled direction, are available for spiritual assistance. Finding someone who will reflect back to you your own intrinsic connection to All That Is is preferred when searching for spiritual assistance or a spiritual adviser.

Making sure that you select a spiritual adviser that you feel at ease with, who you can trust, and who solely has your best interests in mind is advantageous. Always keep in mind that providing spiritual guidance does not equate to being a guru. It entails having a pure motive.

The opportunity to share with you what the counselor knows to be true—that you are Divine and possess your own inner intuition and connection to the Source—occurs when you seek spiritual counseling. They are there to assist you to remember Who You Really Are, to clarify this reality for you, to help you on your spiritual path, and to serve as a constant source of inspiration.

A type of spiritual direction is channeled direction. This kind of spiritual guide, called a channel, will enter a state of meditation and start speaking words of spiritual guidance. Any person requesting advice can communicate with the channel. There are routes for non-physical entities, pure Source Energy, and more.

Every channel has a distinct experience and energy that will provide the listener with a unique encounter. A channeling session is a special and highly advantageous approach to receiving spiritual direction. This kind of spiritual direction is given through the Wisdom of Abraham. You’ll leave the session knowing that your true essence is eternal and that you are more than a physical body. Although the knowledge is conveyed through a channel, spiritual therapy is a way for you to realize your own inherent power. Channeled wisdom empowers the listener.


Your relationships, financial beliefs, health problems, job, and other aspects of your life can all be helped and clarified a spiritual counselor. They can assist you in realizing that you have access to spiritual support even in your darkest hours, providing you with relief from your problems. You will strengthen your own spiritual convictions and faith through spiritual counseling. It will make your spiritual side even more apparent.

Imagine that after a session with a spiritual counselor who can provide you with pure and compassionate guidance, you can feel balanced and whole. Knowing that you have the potential to reconnect with your own divine nature will improve your daily interactions and the lives of others around you.

The beauty of Who You Really Are will become apparent if you commit to this process, which you may start after you seek spiritual direction. You will eventually discover a strong and beautiful version of yourself with the assistance of a grounded, spiritual adviser, whether through channeled guidance or another method.

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