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Did you ever realize that the main thing standing between you and your manifestations is your own negative thinking? We carry with us our lifetime of emotional baggage, and feelings of low self-worth, so much so that it makes us hard to change the way we think. We are so used to feeling the opposite of abundance that now we cannot just change our minds overnight as it seems
challenging to believe something that we don’t yet have.

Most people struggle to stop their tendency of thinking negatively. Because pessimism and concern are so normal to us, our brains physically get used to them and they start to come on automatically, almost robotically.

It takes effort at first to develop an abundance attitude, but once you do, you can really start living an abundant life. It’s important to keep in mind that you alone have the ability to direct your energy.

Now is the moment to learn to master your ideas if you don’t feel like you have control over your mind.

Nobody else will carry out your task for you! So why are you still waiting?

  • Replace unfavorable statements with affirmative ones.
    Our minds are quite amazing. Your cerebral pathways can truly change with repeated conscious thought. If you’ve been telling yourself things like “I’m so overweight,” “I’m not lovable,” or “I’m always going to be poor,” you should stop.

Your subconscious mind has been programmed to accept those claims as truths. Our subconscious mind’s purpose is to carry out whatever programming has been placed there.

Therefore, it makes no difference whether a belief is positive or negative. It sends that concept into the cosmos.

So you have to stop yourself at the moment from repeating negative self-talk and consciously say ‘stop’ in your mind, and reprogram those statements to positive ones.

Say things like “I have access to the abundance of the Universe”. Instead of saying “I am so fat”, say “I am empowered to take control of my health”. The more you choose a new positive statement, the easier it is, and the more it will begin to feel natural.

  • Dump negative thoughts in the garbage can.
    When you feel a negative thought or feeling coming on in your mind, stop and just imagine dumping it into a garbage can! This garbage can contains only garbage thoughts and feelings such as your anxieties, fears, worries, emotions, people who are bothering you – whatever it is.

After that, just walk away in your mind from that garbage can. This act of your gives you the s as a reminder that you and only you have control over where your energy goes.

  • Write it Down and Throw it Away
    Write down any negative fears, nagging thoughts, anxieties, or feelings of lack on a piece of paper and throw it away. Say that these things do not exist in your life, or that they do not have a place in your life.

The best way to deal with worrying is to put those worries in perspective and throw them away.

  • Pinch Yourself
    One small act can deter your negative thoughts and emotions. Just pinch yourself hard enough that it triggers your mind to come back into the right mood and actions.
    It’s simple, just try it!

Try to observe your negative thoughts without passing judgment.

For this, meditation is an excellent exercise. You begin to embody a more spiritual, soulful style of living when you let go of your ego and all of its judgments.

You are able to realize that you alone have the ability to alter your viewpoint, but doing so is much simpler when you are not punishing yourself for your previous behavior.

Fearful ideas of guilt and humiliation feed the ego. Your soul is made up entirely of acceptance and love. You will easily start to modify the way you think when you let your soul override your ego.

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