The day that you were born carries an energetic ‘blessing’ from the universe.

And you capture an ‘essence’ from the planetary forces of Jupiter, Mercury, Mars…

the moment that you were brought onto this earth. 

This planetary ‘energetic essence’ influences the way you feel…

The abundance that you bring into this life… 

And the path to financial prosperity that has been weaved into every intersection of your life. 

Your ‘energetic essence’ determines the set of ‘gifts and talents that you get from the universe. 


And the gifts and talents that you’ve been given… 

Will determine how you achieve your goals in life. 

This gifted psychic has been using her ability to see someone’s ‘energetic code’ to give elites the edge to succeed in life. 

And now she’s prepared a free star path reading that captures your universal code– the one engraved into your soul the day you were born. 

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